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Nature has always been a wonderful source of inspiration for me. I love to walk the forest floor near my home in Huntington, Vermont where I often find myself gathering leaves and other natural materials for the creation of my enchanting landscape prints. My deep connection with my environment is reflected in my original collages where actual botanicals become an integral part of my vision. Pieces of handmade paper and bark turn into clouds, mountains, fields and streams. The micro becomes the macro, as ferns suddenly transform into a forest and other bits of flora find their way into my whimsical interpretations of places in my mind.

The prints that I offer are reproductions of my original collages. As I begin to create a piece I establish the background first and then gather fresh plant material from my gardens or woods surrounding  my home. The magic unfolds as I affix each layer from back to front, often not knowing how it will all come together.  The resulting collages are then dried and stored in an archival cabinet in my studio to maintain their delicate integrity. The high resolution prints portray the illusion of the original without the concern it will deteriorate over time. This technique allows me to share my artwork with a wide range of people at an affordable price.